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July 25, 2012

One journey ends, another begins!

Well folks, we started our journey on Ollie (and started this blog) back in November 2010, a whole year and a half ago, and I am delighted to announce that this particular voyage has officially come to an end and we have settled down permanently in Oakland.  We found a lovely house called the Barnyard Collective, a small but vibrant group of rad folks dedicated to urban homesteading, home brewing, dog loving, vegan cooking, dumpster diving, and the queer things in life.  It feels like home.

Ollie is parked in the spacious yard, providing a needed shade area for the chickens as well as a convenient storage space (and perhaps a cheap room for a lucky someone in the future?).  Ivy seems to have taken to house living more easily than I (I haven’t lived in a room in a house in four years!); she still sleeps between us, under the covers, at night, and she has found her favorite nooks and crannies (as well as illicit chewables) around the common spaces.

This doesn’t mean that Max and I won’t continue to visit intentional communities, of course.  There are tons of said communities around the Bay Area, many of which aren’t listed on  We kind of knew we’d have to live here before we even heard about the coolest ones.   🙂

But expect less frequent posting, as we will no longer be driving wildly from Davis to Seattle in the dead of night, nor will we be picking up too many more dead deer along the interstates.  Those days are over… for now.


July 5, 2012


While driving from San Francisco back to Struggle Mountain one day we came across a road-killed deer on the side of the highway.  Thus ensued….

We had originally been planning on digging a huge hole somewhere to bury the carcase.  But while we were skinning it, a single brave coyote followed its nose straight to us, and hung out quite close by, watching us work.  We figured the meat would be eaten quickly, so after skinning, we dragged the carcase into a ravine (far from anyone’s house!) and left it there.  The following day we went back to check on it, and literally one day later this was all that was left: