Who we are and what we’re doing

Hello there!  We are Rachel and Max, and this blog is about our journey traveling up the West Coast, starting in Los Angeles, in our wonderful veggie-oil housebus, Ollie.  Max is from Boulder, CO and Rachel is from Seattle, WA and we have both spent some years living with an intentional community in LA called the Technicolor Tree Tribe.  Despite our pretty overwhelming love for the TTT we both felt it was time to leave the big sprawling city and have an adventure, so Max bought a half-length school bus, converted it to run on pure vegetable oil, and we both turned the interior into a beautiful everything-but-the-kitchen-sink home on wheels.  We envision ourselves living in intentional communities in the future, and our experiences with the TTT have inspired us to do some informal research on the IC movement as it exists currently on the West Coast.  So, with no particular geographic destination in mind, we have begun a grand journey north along the coast, visiting communities, dumpstering food and fuel, picking up hitch-hikers, and sharing some good stories with you.