Our First Ticket

We couldn’t really have thought we’d do this entire journey without at least one ticket, could we?  While parked near the Sushi Tribe on Forest Street in Bellingham, we got our very first ticket (aw, isn’t it cute?): $20 because our vehicle was over 80 inches wide!  Some bus traveler friends who were also staying at Sushi had recently gotten the same thing, went to court, and had it reduced.  We decided to try the same thing.  We’d been planning on leaving Bellingham within a couple days, though, so we didn’t have time to mail in the ticket asking for a court date.  We went to the courthouse straight away, and were able to schedule a date for 9:30 AM the following Tuesday, which was after we’d planned on leaving, but we figured it was worth it to stay.  Monday night I set my alarm for 8:00 AM… The alarm went off and we took our sweet time getting out of bed, but when we looked at our wall clock it read 9:30 — I’d forgotten to account for daylight savings.  So we jumped on our bikes and booked it to the courthouse, waltzed in 20 minutes late, sat for a while but weren’t called, had to walk up to the judge’s big desk and interrupt him to see if I was on the list, were told they couldn’t find my papers, and were finally able to speak with him after all the other people were done.  He said he hadn’t heard of the 80 inches law until a few days before, when someone else had come to him with the same ticket (probably our friends), and he gave us $10 off our fine.  I’m still not sure exactly where it’s legal to park Ollie in Bellingham, but thankfully we didn’t have any other trouble!


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  1. angie Says:

    Oh no! What a weird law- so you can drive Ollie around wherever you want, you just can’t park anywhere? 🙂 May that be the worst and last encounter you have with the legal system!

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